Monday, October 12, 2009

Unionists Walk Out During Hillary's 'Peace' Speech to Northern Ireland Parliament... US Media Doesn't Report It!

Hillary Clinton gave a speech today at Stormont, the parliament of Northern Ireland. According to the Times Online, two unionist politicians walked out in disgust:

Hillary Clinton today experienced first hand the unrelenting mindset of Northern Ireland politics when a number of Unionists refused to applaud her speech to the Stormont parliament and two staged a walkout.

Almost all of the 108 members of the assembly applauded, but a few Democratic Unionist backbenchers folded their arms instead, and two senior figures, William McCrea and Gregory Campbell, left the chamber during the ovation.
Democratic Unionist officials said the walkout reflected Protestant irritation at being told what to do by "outsiders", a point they said they had made earlier in private to Mrs Clinton.

So when our beloved "mainstream" media here in the USA reported on the speech, did they make any mention of the walkout?

CNN? No.

Washington Post? No.

New York Times? No.

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Anonymous said...

The mainstream media only reports what it wants us to know!