Friday, October 02, 2009

Instapunk Nails It Again

In a post concerning the Roman Polanski matter, Instapunk gives us an interesting insight into the nature of the 'elites' who feel Polanski should be set free:

the tone-deaf defense of this sexual offender by elites in show business, the media, and other centers of power should serve as a warning to the rest of us that the rational utopia being plotted for us by the most gifted, intelligent, and highly educated among us is a post-modern nightmare almost beyond imagining. Kind of like The Ninth Gate. Is this really the nature of the illuminated elite we're being asked to defer to and trust?

Whatever they say, and no matter how eloquently and persuasively they say it, the elites who are so convinced they know better than we do how our lives should be lived, regulated, and confined lack a true moral compass. Their decisions on elementary questions of right and wrong change depending on who the subject of consideration is, not what the applicable principles of morality and justice might be to the ancient legal standard of the "reasonable man."

This reminds me of the entire controversy over affirmative action. And it shows that the 'elites' really do lack a moral compass. They feel that they can solve problems concerning racial discrimination with racial discrimination.

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