Saturday, October 17, 2009

Socialist Health Care Workers in UK Get Private Health Care

You probably won't see this reported on ABC news nor read about it in the New York Times. The leftist media in the USA and all the idiots who wanted a government-run health care system like to keep their eyes shut when confronted with facts like these from Britain:

THE National Health Service has spent £1.5m paying for hundreds of its staff to have private health treatment so they can leapfrog their own waiting lists.
More than 3,000 staff, including doctors and nurses, have gone private at the taxpayers’ expense in the past three years because the queues at the clinics and hospitals where they work are too long.
Figures released under the Freedom of Information act show that NHS administrative staff, paramedics and ambulance drivers have also been given free private healthcare. This has covered physiotherapy, osteopathy, psychiatric care and counselling — all widely available on the NHS.

As always, actions speak louder than words. The same will probably happen here. The likes of 0bama, Pelosi, and the Clintons will get some type of decent private health care, while the rest of us will wait months or years to see a third-rate physician.

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