Monday, October 05, 2009

British Labour Party Offered Extortion Money To Gaddafi in 1975

I read stuff like this and a lightbulb appears above my head. No wonder why there has been so much trouble with terrorism from Sinn Fein/IRA and the islamofascists. The leftwing idiots in the British Labour Party have made it profitable for them to be terrorists.

Britain offered to pay Colonel Muammar Gaddafi £14 million in return for Libya ending its military support for the IRA, secret papers have revealed.

The deal, worth £500m today, was part of a package of compensation measures to appease the Libyan leader and help open up trade with the North African state during the late 1970s.
Discovery of the secret offer, detailed in a letter sent by the then prime minister, Harold Wilson, raises fresh questions about whether Britain has ever paid Gaddafi compensation.
Jason McCue, the lawyer currently negotiating with the Libyans on behalf of victims of IRA bombings, said he was astonished that Britain was prepared to pay-off the Libyans.

I wonder if the USA ever paid off Gaddafi. We know that Jimmy Carter once offered Ayatollah Khomeini millions in bribe money to release American hostages.


Anonymous said...

Politicians on the whole have no morals at all.The public are just milk cows to be taxed dry!

Jungle Jim said...

Very true, Anon. Sad but true.