Friday, October 02, 2009

The Undemocratic EU

And please note that's "democratic" with a small d. The Democrat party here in the USA has recently shown itself to be downright hostile towards democracy.

The 25-member European Union is adopting a new constitution. You would think they would give their voters the courtesy of allowing them to decide whether or not to adopt it. But the problem is, the nondemocrats in Brussels have tried that before and the voters in countries such as France and Denmark have rejected it.

So, they got the bright idea to call it a 'treaty' (the Lisbon treaty) and they want to adopt it in spite of the fact that most of the people in Europe don't want it. The only problem is, the constitution of the Republic of Ireland requires a referendum before adopting any such 'treaty'. A total of 4 million people out of the 491 million in the EU were allowed to vote. The Irish voted it down last year, and the nondemocrats refuse to accept that.

So they are having another referendum to try to get it passed. And if this doesn't work, they will keep trying until it passes.

Europe is watching Ireland anxiously on the eve of the second referendum. And while the "yes" camp seemed to be in the lead for weeks, the aggressive campaign against the Lisbon Treaty now appears to be swaying undecided voters.

Notice how Der Spiegel claims that Europe is watching Ireland 'anxiously', as if its a matter of life or death that the 'treaty' is passed. And the campaign against the treaty is referred to as 'aggressive'. As if there's nothing aggressive about asking for a revote when the first vote doesn't go your way.

I feel the same way about government officials here in the USA. And that includes many Republicans as well as Democrats. They don't give a damn about what we want.

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Reminds me of immature people who keep repeating the same question until you tell them what they want to hear.