Wednesday, October 28, 2009

0bama Administration Tries to Stifle Free Speech

One of the things that really agitates the left are the school choice programs and the vouchers for children of poor families to attend decent private schools. They want most children to attend inferior public schools so their curriculum can be selected appropriately. And yet their leaders like 0bama send their own kids to elite private schools. His daughters Sasha and Mallia attend Sidwell Friends in Washington DC.

So, when 0bama and his fellow child-haters in congress came to power, one of the first things they did was to end a highly successful program that provides vouchers for kids in the DC public schools (one of the worst systems that also spends one of the highest amounts per student). Some people are trying to fight to keep the program in place, including Former D.C. Councilmember Kevin Chavous of D.C. Children First. Chavous' group has been running 30 second ads on TV to try to convince 0bama to keep the program. Then read about what happened:

President Obama isn't taking kindly to a television ad that criticizes his opposition to a popular scholarship program for poor children, and his administration wants the ad pulled.
Former D.C. Councilmember Kevin Chavous of D.C. Children First said October 16 that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder had recently approached him and told him to kill the ad.
The 30-second ad, which has been airing on FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, and News Channel 8 to viewers in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, urges the president to reauthorize the federally-funded D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program that provides vouchers of up to $7,500 for D.C. students to attend private schools.
The ad features Chavous and a young boy--one of 216 students whose scholarships were rescinded by the Department of Education earlier this year when the agency announced no new students would be allowed into the program. The ad also includes an excerpt taken from one of Obama's campaign statements.
"We're losing several generations of kids," Obama says, "and something has to be done."
"President Obama is ending a program that helps low-income kids go to better schools, refusing to let any new children in," Chavous says in the ad. "I'm a lifelong Democrat, and I support our president. But it's wrong that he won't support an education program that helps our kids learn."

Fortunately, Chavous is refusing to be intimidated and has continued running the ads.

Eric Holder has no business telling any political group to do anything. The attorney general has violated Chavous' first amendment rights and should be relieved of his duties as attorney general and subjected to criminal prosecution.

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