Monday, October 19, 2009

Terrorist Attacks Continue Against Protestants in Northern Ireland

Are the Troubles over in Northern Ireland? Christopher McCaughan doesn't feel that way

A Protestant man has said his family are desperate to leave their home in County Antrim after the latest in a series of sectarian attacks.
Christopher McCaughan's car was covered in paint and windows were smashed at his home on Church Road in Rasharkin in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Mr McCaughan said it was the latest in a series of attacks on his home and property and he said he has had enough and wants to leave the area.Police said they are treating the latest incident as a hate crime.

He said "This has been going on since February."I need some help from somebody to try and get me out of this situation that we are having to live through."I want away from here," he said.

Local DUP Councillor John Finlay described the latest incident as "blatantly sectarian".

He said: "Sectarian attacks have been a regular occurrence this year in the town with attacks on a number of Protestant homes as well as the local Orange hall."

The IRA are nothing but cold-blooded marxists and baby-killers. They want Ulster to be combined with the Republic of Ireland into a totalitarian marxist dictatorship, and all Ulster protestants to be killed or forced to leave the country. To get a good idea of what their united Ireland will look like, have a look at Cuba and North Korea.

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