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Stefani Germanotta: The Most Awesome Woman on Planet Earth

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Is Access to Contraceptives Really So Difficult?

I am not a member of the catholic church, nor any other church. But I respect their right to practice their religion as they see fit, provided it hurts no one else.

0bama and his fellow geniuses are claiming that unless the catholic institutions provide contraceptives in their health insurance policies for female employees, that these ladies will not have any access to contraceptives.

I wanted to find out just how difficult it is to obtain contraceptives. I was at my local Target's pharmacy yesterday and asked the pharmacist if they had any oral contraceptives on their cheap generics list. She gave me a copy of their list and said that 28-day supplies of both Sprintec and Tri-Sprintec are available for $9 each. You need a doctor's prescription but no insurance is needed. You may see the list online here (scroll down to bottom of the list). At Target, you may also get Trojan condoms for as little as $13.99 for a box of 36.

The very idea that contraceptives should be included in health insurance is ludicrous. The purpose of insurance is for catastrophic risks, such as open-heart surgery, not daily health care needs. Many, if not most women of child-bearing age take contraceptives. Are we also going to require their employers pay for their toothpaste and dental floss?

This entire debate highlights another issue. When the government takes financial resposibility for some human endeavor, such as health care, they will inevitably try to force people to conform to their values. Leftists like 0bama love to engage in social engineering.

The government has no business telling any employer what they must include in any health care plan.

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