Sunday, October 11, 2009

Steven Clemons: Socialist Moonbat of the Week
I must give credit where it is due. Many on the left found 0bama's Nobel prize to be ludicrous. But there is at least one "liberal" who found the award to be quite appropriate

But the Nobel Committee's decision to make Obama the only sitting U.S. president since Woodrow Wilson to receive the Nobel Peace Prize shows the committee's clear-headed assessment that Obama's "unclenched fist" approach to dealing with the world's most thuggish leaders has had a constructive, systemic impact on the world's expectations of itself.

Obama has helped citizens all around the world -- including in the United States -- to want a world beyond the mess we have today in the Middle East and South Asia. They want a world where America is benign and positive, and where other leaders help in supporting the struggles of their people for better lives rather than securing themselves through crude power.

You can be as benign as a sheep and it still won't prevent a despot like Ahmadinejad or Kim Jong Il from using nuclear weapons on you. The only way to conduct US foreign policy is to be tough but fair. 0bama is being neither.

Obama has found a way in this interconnected world of cell phones, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking to reach a majority of the world's citizens with his message of hope for a better world. He speaks past the dictators to regular people and has, on the whole, raised global political expectations about everything from climate change to nuclear nonproliferation in ways that no one in history has done before.
No Steven. 0bama has spoken past the regular people to suck up to dictators like Ahmadinejad in Iran and would-be dictators like Zelaya in Honduras. And no, falling for a hoax like man-made climate change doesn't help anything.

Americans tend to look at everything from a U.S.-centric lens, and many woke up this morning shocked that Obama, who just saw a lot of his political capital wasted on trying to secure the 2016 Olympics for his hometown of Chicago, has gotten a fresh injection of sizzle to fill the Obama bubble.

Steven you appear to be looking at everything through opaque lenses. 0bama got as much ridicule from abroad as he did in the USA for accepting the ludicrous Nobel prize.

Update: Steve Clemons has thanked us for the honor.

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