Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Whining Begins
After the Supreme Court's excellent decision in the Ricci case, it is inevitable that racists like Jesse Jackson would commence their crying. It didn't take the old shyster very long:

This reasoning depends on a hyperindividualistic interpretation of American rights. Blacks were enslaved as a group. They were segregated as a group. They were held in economic and political subjugation in the South for decades following Reconstruction as a group. But now that we have reached the enlightened 21st century, remedies for these crimes cannot take the group stigma against blacks into account. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor wrote that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution protects individuals and not groups. We disagree.

Jesse how about answering these questions:

(1) In what manner do Ricci and the other white firefighters who were discriminated against bear responsibility for these 'crimes' you seek to remedy? Shall we also hold Italian-Americans responsible for the atrocities of the Roman empire?

(2) If the USA is such a horrible place for blacks and other minorities, why do so many of those groups who live in foreign countries seek to come here?

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