Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Myers Was a Kim Philby Fan

In a prevous post, I mentioned how recently arrested spy Walter Kendall Myers was motivated by ideology like British spies Kim Philby, Donald McClean, and Guy Burgess. Now it turns out that Myers was also an admirer of those three traitors:

Myers expressed high regard for the notorious Kim Philby and two other Brits—Donald Maclean and Guy Burgess—who became Soviet double agents during the Cold War. According to my notes, Myers suggested that they were called by their sense of duty to "save" Europe (rather than the British Empire), and that U.S. and U.K. policies "turned them into" spies.

Myers was not stupid. He certainly had knowledge of what was happening in the Soviet Union during the reign of Stalin. Why is it that such a man can support such cruelty and inhumanity?


Anonymous said...

Enough is enough with the hyperbole about Stalinist cruelty. Firstly, many communists even in Russia (like Krushchev) detest Stalin and secondly if you blame Communism for the purges and killings of civilians, you have to blame Capitalism for all the atrocity committed over the years. Capitalism caused the genocide of the majority of Native Americans in North American, Capitalism caused Imperialism which caused the deaths and subjugation of countless native peoples. Look at India, that would have been better off without the violence caused by excessive Capitalism and the need to get more land for material gain.

Jungle Jim said...

LOL. No, there's not enough hyperbole about Stalinism. If anything, that era has largely been swept under the rug of history. Many of the people who supported it or were involved in it (including Kruschev) got away with little or no criticism or penalty whatsoever.

As for your comments about capitalism. You don't even know what it is. There's no point in debating some topic with you, of which you have no understanding.