Saturday, June 06, 2009

Delray Drivers License Bureau Sold Licenses to Illegal Immigrants

This is typical of the type of corruption that is widespread in South Florida:

The parking lot of the driver's license bureau in Delray Beach was constantly jammed with van loads of people arriving daily.
While harried employees didn't think much about the onslaught, some couldn't help but notice that a few of their co-workers had begun sporting wildly expensive designer purses and were driving cars - BMW and Infiniti SUVs - that seemed to far exceed the stretch of their modest paychecks.

The two seemingly unrelated events were tied together late last month when a multi-agency task force arrested five license examiners for accepting bribes to issue driving permits to hundreds, if not thousands, of immigrants who otherwise couldn't get them because they were in the country illegally. While the investigation is ongoing, the five are believed to be part of a larger ring, said Elizabeth Parker, a chief assistant state attorney who headed the task force.

Another thing these bureaus do is register people to vote. I wonder how many more votes 0bama picked up in this manner?

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