Monday, June 29, 2009

Bolton on President 0bama

John Bolton has written an excellent essay on His Glibness. I highly recommend reading in its entirety. One of the salient points:

If there were just a single issue to watch for major developments in this Administration's future, it would unquestionably be the UN and multilateralism, both on political questions and on the international "norming" of policies heretofore properly considered domestic in nature, such as gun control, the death penalty, abortion and many others, starting with climate change. Europeans, so amenable to stripping their democratically elected governments of one competence after another to express mail them to Brussels, will soon find soulmates hard at work in Washington trying to do something similar with multilateral bodies.

This is a favorite tactic of the left, because it allows them to promote unpopular policies such as 'climate change' cap-and-tax or gun control, by bypassing democratic processes. (That's 'democratic' with a little d, by the way).

If His Holiness is unsuccessful is getting his climate change lunacy to pass in the US senate, he might very well try to institute it anyway by executive order or some other nondemocratic nonsense in order to conform to international "law". Some of the justices on the supreme court of the USA, Ginsberg in particular, have shown an interest in subordinating the US Constitution to international rules. If that is successful, don't be surprised if gun control is enforced in the USA in spite of the second amendment and in spite of the wishes of the voters.

We are witnessing the path that Europe is taking, the countries there are losing their sovereignty to nondemocratic international organizations such as the EU. Only one of the countries in Europe allowed its own citizens to vote on a referendum for a major overhaul of the EU constitution that transfered much of the power from the national governments to the EU government in Brussels. The Irish rejected the 'treaty' (as they called it) but the despots in the EU are proceeding as if that never happened.

If anti-Americans like 0bama get their way, we will soon be in a similar situation here. We will be governed by an international organization accountable to no one, stripped of our most basic rights and not allowed any voice at all.

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Anonymous said...

Ireland is having to vote again in October as their Prime Minister is now confident of getting a yes vote