Saturday, June 20, 2009

How To Arrive at 'Global Warming?'
Here is a photo of the NOAA temperature sensor at the Honolulu airport. According to Watts Up With That, the National Weather Service admitted the seonsor has an upward bias of at least two degrees, but they are keeping the temprature records!

Well guess what? Even though NOAA admits the sensor is in error by as much as 2 degrees, they are going to keep the data and the string of new high temperature records. “BUT” they fixed the recent record rainfall data from the same station. See below. How’s that for science? Fix one broken record due to faulty equipment but leave others?
FROM KITV-TV (hat tip to Becka)
HONOLULU — Honolulu’s run of record heat came to an end Wednesday, but it may not have been any cooler.The weather has been warm most of the month, with highs in the 90s the past nine days.However, between 11 a.m. and noon, the city’s temperature dropped from Wednesday’s high of 89 degrees to 86 degrees, the same hour a new thermometer was installed at Honolulu International Airport.
The old one had been showing a warm bias of a degree or two, officials said. The National Weather Service said that is not significant enough to throw out the data and recent records.

The alleged 'warming' that has been occurring since the 19th century has been a gigantic 0.7 degrees celsius (1.26 degrees fahrenheit) but a three degree fahrenheit bias (1.7 degrees celsius) is not significant enough to throw out the data!

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