Saturday, March 06, 2010

Breach of National Security

I'm a big fan of Jay Z and Beyonce. But that doesn't mean they should be invited into the white house situation room:

Rapper Jay-Z’s apparent visit to the White House Situation Room reveals a radical departure from the last eight years of security policy, according to a senior Bush administration official.
“During the Clinton administration, tours were permitted of the Situation Room, people who could get a West Wing tour could also see the Sit Room. Soon after the Bush 43 inauguration and after we found out about it, we stopped the practice and I believe the only exceptions had to be okay’d by either the chief of staff, national security adviser or the deputy chief of staff,” the official wrote in an e-mail.
A twitter user named Linda posted pictures online of Jay-Z in the Situation Room along with his entourage and wife Beyonce during a White House visit. An e-mail to White House Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton asking if the pictures do in fact show Jay-Z in the Situation Room has not been returned.
According to the Bush official, who was present for a remodeling of the Situation Room in 2006, “We made very few exceptions to the rule, usually a visiting foreign dignitary attending a meeting there or someone without a clearance who needed to be briefed in that facility for some reason.”

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