Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another Top 20

Since my interest in music has been rekindled recently I am now going to do a top 20 musicians and singers of all time. This will be my personal, subjective ranking.

So what will it include? Lots of rockers. A few country-western artists. One each from the genres of R&B, Jazz/BigBand, and Blues, and one from Electropop (I think you can guess who that will be).

What will it not include? Classical musicians. Even though I had a fair amount of classical training in my early years, I have not kept up with classical musicians enough since then to rank them fairly. I considered including Van Cliburn, but have not listened to him very much either.

Except for the one Jazz/Big Band singer, there will not be any mention of jazz musicians. Jazz can be excellent but I have not listened to enough of it to even know who the best singers and musicians are in that genre.

Another group you won't se are rap/hip hop. I like a lot of rap: Public Enemy, 2 Live Crew, Ludacris, Jay Z, and many others. But they really belong in a different category of art altogether.

So here we go....

#20 Paul Simon

With or without Garfunkel, he was and still is an excellent singer, songwriter, and guitarist.

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