Sunday, October 05, 2008

Why is Obama Black?

Michael Sullivan at Burlington Free Press asks the interesting question: Why is Obama black?

I have one question concerning Barack Obama. Why does he refer to himself as black? Here is a man who is of mixed race, 50 percent black and 50 percent white, who was raised almost exclusively by his white mother. Other than providing 50 percent of his genes, his black father played no more than an absentee role as parent. So why does this man identify himself as black and not white, or at least as mixed race?

The answer is really quite simple, Michael. Obama is black because that is what got him into Columbia University as an undergraduate and also how he got into Harvard Law School. It is much, much more difficult to get into either of those universities as a white male. And it would be interesting if both he and his wife Michelle were to release both their high school and undergraduate records, as well as their SAT and LSAT scores.

If Barack Obama wants to help eliminate racial and ethnic bias in this country, he needs to start with himself and stop segregating himself on the basis of race. Until Barack Obama stops feeling the need to refer to himself as being exclusively of one race, then he is going to be lending legitimacy to the persistence of racial discrimination.

And likewise, the racist 'affirmative action' policies give legitimacy to the persistence of racial discrimination.

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