Monday, October 20, 2008

Supreme Court to Decide ID-Theft Case

Those who favor amnesty for illegal aliens, including both John McCain and Barack Obama, want to do favors to people who break our laws. This is unfortunate because not only do illegal aliens violate immigration laws, many of them also commit identity theft. The WSJ reports that the Supreme Court will hear a case about this matter:

WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether people picked up on immigration violations also can face charges of identity theft if they use Social Security and other identification numbers that happen to belong to others.
Federal prosecutors have increasingly been bringing the more serious identity theft charges against undocumented immigrants, including many who were arrested in raids on meatpacking plants.
Federal appeals courts have split over whether the defendant must know that the phony ID numbers belong to a real person and, on Monday, the court said it will resolve the question.

I am amazed at the lengths that supporters of amnesty, like McCain and Obama, will go to to accomodate the lawbreakers. Back when they tried to pass the amnesty bill in the summer of 2007, the senate voted to give amnesty even to illegals who were convicted felons. If someone tries to legally immigrate to the USA, a felony conviction will usually disqualify them. But come in here illegally, and its ok.

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