Thursday, October 30, 2008

Suppression of Free Speech in Scotland

Rangers football club fans were warned recently by their team that they could be subject to arrest for singing the "famine song" at Rangers matches.

RANGERS head of security and operations Kenny Scott said today: "It is important to be clear on the reasons behind last night's decision to put messages on the screens and scoreboards at Ibrox regarding the famine song.
"Following discussions with Strathclyde Police, it was made clear to the club that there was the potential for supporters singing this song to be arrested at last night's match.

"The decision to arrest anyone is one which is made not by the club but by the police.
"However Rangers Football Club took the decision that it was only fair to warn everyone coming to the stadium last night that this was the situation.

The 'famine song' refers to lyrics set to the tune of the Beach Boy's song "Sloop John B". The Rangers fans sing "The famine is over. Why don't you go home?" It is often sung to supporters of the Glasgow Celtics, the Ranger's chief rival. The Celtics are favored by many of the Irish, including most members of the Sinn Fein/IRA terrorist group.

This reminds me of what is being done to Joe the Plumber in Ohio. Simply because he criticized Obama's socialist plans, his privacy is being violated by Obama supporters in the state and local governments in Ohio. Has Barack made any attempt to stop this? Not that I know of.

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