Friday, September 05, 2008

Palin Accused of Causing Racial Animosity

Whenever the hatemongers of the left don't like what conservatives or libertarians are doing, yet they can't attack them directly, they accuse them of racism or of causing racial strife. Here's what Mary Mitchell has to say:

During her debut, Palin electrified the Republicans, but she also shook up every registered voter in the 'hood.
Besides mocking the historic breakthrough of Barack Obama emerging as the Democrats' nominee, Palin was relentless in her use of language that reinforces divisions among black and white voters -- particularly pitting small-town people against the rest of us.

Mary, your buddies in the Democrat party and their media lackeys are the ones who started the small-town versus big-town divide by saying that Palin was not qualified to be VP because she came from a small town. Where would you prefer she come from Mary? Some big town like... say Chicago?

And Palin never cut down people who live in big towns. She was merely responding to her critics.

And now this race-baiting jackass Mitchell has taken it a step further by implying that Palin is a racist simply because she defended people who come from small towns. As if there are no blacks who live in small towns.

So you can imagine what black viewers thought as they listened to Palin's acid sarcasm. Frankly, after watching her speak, it's easy to believe that she wouldn't hesitate to use her political power to punish her enemies.

Mary is projecting her thoughts into other people's heads, without bothering to ask any of them what they believe.

Then we get this tired old crap about Palin's brother-in-law, a charge that has been debunked many times:

Gov. Palin is under investigation in Alaska for allegedly trying to get her former brother-in-law fired from his job when he and her sister were going through an ugly divorce.

And then Mary betrays her own prejudice against people in small towns:

And for some of us, Palin reinforces every stereotype, rightly or wrongly, of what we think white people think in those small towns.

The smell of fear coming from the left is positively scary.

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