Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our Leftist Media

I recall when I was a student at the University of Texas, I sometimes dated a young woman who was one of the producers of the evening news of one of the local network stations. This was some time in 1982 or 1983, when Reagan was president and the left were calling for his head. They were blaming the 1980-82 recession on him and were also accusing him of being hostile towards the Soviet Union. Many of them ominously predicted that he would plunge us into a nuclear holocaust.

I was a staunch supporter of Reagan, through thick and thin. At the time, he was one of the few politicians who openly proclaimed that socialism and communism are sheer lunacy. He stood up to the Soviets and did not try to appease them. He supported limited government at home.

I had a "Reagan '84" bumper sticker on my car. That was quite a bold statement at a leftwing university like the University of Texas in a leftwing town like Austin.

The first night this woman and I went out, we were were walking out to my car and she saw my "Reagan '84" bumper sticker. She almost had a conniption when she saw that. She loudly exclaimed that she couldn't stand Reagan nor anything he did. I decided not to debate politics that night. We had a pleasant evening after all and many more after that, but she never quite got over my bumper sticker!

That was my first direct experience with the leftwing ideology of the news media. We have seen most recently how the leftist media have become nothing more than shills for the Democrats. Read what Tod Lindberg has to say about the differential treatment between Republicans and Democrats

Remember reading the discussions of Vice President Al Gore's parenting skills in all the papers the day after his teenage son got busted for dope at high school? No? That would be because Gore called around to all the papers (including the Washington Times, where I was editorial page editor at the time) and asked us not to publish it, kids being kids and being owed some privacy. The newspapers didn't. That was then: Given a preposterous Internet rumor that Sarah Palin was never pregnant with her four-month-old baby but faked it to cover up for her daughter, Bristol was fair game. This was a judgment shared among Democrats and, coincidentally, the media (the same ones who were also all over the John Edwards love-child story, remember?).

Those clowns in the media have hit a new low. With few exceptions, most of them are nothing more than political hacks. And amateur ones at that.

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