Monday, September 01, 2008

Dove Opener a Gas
While all of you have been fretting over how many grandchildren Sarah Palin has, or wondering whether you will be able to swim the backstroke down Bourbon street, I have been up to more important pursuits: Hunting Doves!
We hunted a stock pond. Someone left a dead bull near there and it stunk abominably. We got there just at dawn and saw almost no birds until about 8:30 am. Then they started coming for a drink.
And they came.... and they came.... and they came...
We had one hell of a nice hunt. I got ten birds and my friend shot a limit. I brought Rocky with me to retrieve and he did good. Did several water retrieves and also blind retrieves on both land and water.
The only thing I didn't like about the hunt was my Browning 20 gauge semiauto. I gave it a thorough cleaning yesterday and it jammed after shooting less than one box of shells. Fortunately I also brought my Weatherby 12 gauge O/U and it performed admirably. I have had it with that Browning jamming on me. It has ruined several hunts by doing so, including two dove openers.

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Jungle Jim said...

I need to sell that damn Browning.