Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ABC News Blotter

Here is a list of the headlines on ABC News Blotter that concern the upcoming presidential election:

Suit Filed to Stop Palin Troopergate Probe

Fired Official: Governnor Palin Did Not Tell The Truth to ABC

Palin Backstab? Commissioner Praised Then Fired

FIRED OFFICIAL: Governor Palin Did Not Tell The Truth to ABC (again)

Critics Question Palin's Record on "Epidemic" Rape, Domestic Violence in Alaska

"Troopergate" Inquiry Reaches Palin Husband

Palin Backstab? Commissioner Praised Then Fired (again)

PALIN'S RECORD ON PORK: Less Sizzle Than Reported

LIBRARY SNAFU: Did Sarah Palin Try to Ban Books?

McCain Alaska Ally Criticizes Palin Probe

Investigation into Palin Now On Fast Track

Fired Alaskan Official Says Palin Hasn't Been Truthful (third time)

Palin Aide Ducks State Probe

Tanning Bed to Troopergate: Palin Aides Kept Scrambling

NEWSWEEK: A McCain Lawyer Scrambles to Block a Palin Ethics Inquiry

AP: McCain Campaign Releases "Troopergate" Emails

SALON: The Pastor Who Clashed With Palin

Should Biden Share Blame for Foreclosure Crisis?

Palin Could Be Deposed in State Probe

On the "Troopergate" Inquiry Reaching Palin's Husband (again)

"I Would Not Trust Palin to Empty the Kitty Litter Box. I think she is getting a little giddy about the fact that she might be able to start WWIII with Russia and bring about the 'End of Days' and thus creating the biblical environment for the second coming of Christ..."

'October Surprise' Over Palin Investigation?

WATCH: Hillary Clinton on Economy, Palin


Sarah Palin 21

John McCain 3

Joe Biden 1

Barack Obama 0

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