Sunday, December 13, 2009

Well, BOO HOO....

Michael Smerconish is whining about Dick Cheney's criticism of the 0bama administration's foreign policy

By using a 90-minute interview with Politico to preemptively criticize President Obama's decision-making process regarding Afghanistan, Cheney sought to undermine the commander in chief the night before the most important foreign-policy announcement of his young presidency.
That the former vice president said Obama was projecting "weakness" was bad. Worse was when he suggested that Obama was "far more radical" than expected on some foreign-policy and national-security issues, which was wholly over the line.
It is not always Cheney's message with which I disagree. I happen to concur with his defense earlier this year of harsh interrogation methods. My objection is to the messenger and the timing. Whatever he says carries the imprimatur of the office he once held, and speaking up at critical junctures undercuts the president before his policies can take hold.

Of course, we know the Democrats would never try to undermine Bush, or his father, or Reagan, or.... Naw!

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