Thursday, December 03, 2009

Sisters of Mercy to Pay €128 million to Child Abuse Victims

We have written previously about the massive child abuse in the Republic of Ireland. Some of the primary culprits were the 'Sisters of Mercy', a group of nuns. The sisters now plan to pay 128 million euros in compensation to surviving victims.

A leading order of Catholic nuns which ran one of the most notorious industrial schools in Ireland tonight offered €128million (£116million) to compensate child abuse survivors.
The Sisters of Mercy, who were in charge of Goldenbridge Industrial School, Dublin, will donate €20million (£18million) in cash and €108million (£97million) worth of property to charities and the state.
The funds will also support counselling services.
Industrial schools were established in Ireland in the late 1800s to care for neglected, orphaned and abandoned children.

The Congregation, exposed along with 17 other orders for imposing physically and psychologically abusive regimes in state-run institutions, said the offer was an attempt to be faithful to values of reparation, reconciliation, healing and responsibility.

Not good enough. We need some millstones and rope.

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