Sunday, December 06, 2009

Ruled by Rules

Steven Greenhut has an interesting essay in the OC Register

To the extent that anyone still thinks about the former Soviet Union and its satellite communist states, they understandably think about the suffocating oppression – the Berlin Wall, the gulags, the KGB, the political prisoners, the persecution of religious people and minorities. Yet, in talking to refugees from that nightmarish world, it's clear that one of the worst aspects of communism was the endless waiting in line, the ceaseless bureaucracy and the incomprehensible rules and regulations that governed every aspect of everyday life.
Despite some real assaults on civil liberties in America (by Republican and Democratic administrations alike), Americans aren't facing too many serious dangers of the first kind mentioned above. But, as government expands its reach, we are facing bigger lines, additional nonsensical rules and more bureaucracy. You can barely do anything these days without getting approval from the authorities these days, and this touches on even the smallest, most inconsequential areas of our existence.

It has long been one of the goals of the left to have so many rules and regulations that they are impossible to obey. That way, anyone may be thrown in jail who does not cooperate with the powers that be.

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