Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Iranian Despots Celebrate 0bama's Victory

The mullahs in Iran are celebrating the victory of fellow muslim Barack Hussein 0bama:

Tehran - Iranian officials on Wednesday welcomed Barack Obama's victory in US presidential elections, calling it a sign of failure of President George W Bush's policies and Americans' demand for essential changes.
'Obama's election as the US president shows the American people's demand for essential changes in the country's domestic and foreign policies,' Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki was quoted as saying by the official news agency IRNA, while urging the new administration 'to distance itself from the wrong approaches of current politicians.'
As the first reaction by an Iranian official earlier on Wednesday, Gholam-Ali Hadad-Adel - senior advisor to Iran's supreme leader - said the victory of the slogan of 'change' is the admission of the American people to the failure of Bush's policies.
'The next US president should abandon the course taken by President Bush and the American people have to change their policies in order to get rid of the quagmire that he created for them,' former parliament speaker Hadad-Adel was quoted as saying by Iranian media.

They certainly didn't want John McCain to obstruct their efforts to acquire a nuke. Now with a friend of terrorists in the white house, it should be clear sailing to get their bomb in order to annihiliate Israel.

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