Sunday, November 09, 2008

0bama Plans to Carry Out Global Warming Lunacy

Being a leftist, His Oneness is a moonbat. It is not surprising that he would act out his fantasies concerning the global warming myth. From the WaPo, we read that The Chosen One wants to clear the way for more regulations on the auto industry:

The president-elect has said, for example, that he intends to quickly reverse the Bush administration's decision last December to deny California the authority to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from automobiles. "Effectively tackling global warming demands bold and innovative solutions, and given the failure of this administration to act, California should be allowed to pioneer," Obama said in January.

Before the election, Obama told others that he favors declaring that carbon dioxide emissions are endangering human welfare, following an EPA task force recommendation last December that Bush and his aides shunned in order to protect the utility and auto industries.

That's just what the auto industry doesn't need right now. More onerous regulations. Especially ridiculous ones that would have no effect.

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