Saturday, November 08, 2008

Another Third World Thug Congratulates 0bama

One of the worst dictators in the world, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has hailed the election of 0bama:

ZIMBABWE — HARARE - President Robert Mugabe has congratulated Barack Obama on his historic election as the United States' first black President, with Zimbabwe's main opposition MDC also congratulating the US President-elect.

Mugabe's attack dog, George Charamba issued a statement attributed to Mugabe stating that "small and developing countries" looked forward to working with Obama.

"As the Government and people of Zimbabwe join you in celebrating this event in the history of the USA, I take this opportunity to assure you Mr President-elect that the Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe remains ready to engage your government in any desirable endeavour to improve our bilateral relations," Mugabe's statement said.
"Mr President-elect, the challenges that now lie ahead of you are enormous and those of us in the small and developing countries cherish the hope of working with your administration as we pursue our programmes and policies to develop our societies in the global context of socio-economic interaction," the congratulatory message added.

Not only many Americans, but also many Africans expect The Messiah to solve all their problems. More likely 0bama will end up making the USA more like Africa than vice-versa.

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