Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Imported 0bama Supporters

I have asked this question before, but no one has ever given me a satisfactory answer. There have been a large numbers of complaints from Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, 0bama, et al, to the effect that the USA is a horrible place for africans and other minorities. So why do so many ethnic minorities want to come here? From Ohio we hear:

In Hilltop, a southwest suburb of Columbus, turnout was heavy in the morning as Somali immigrants came out to vote, said Bob Muehlenkamp, a volunteer with the Obama campaign. The area is home to the largest Somalian expatriate community in the world, he said.
“About half are registered, and they are enthusiastic about voting for Obama,” who addressed their concerns about jobs, education and health care, he claimed. He estimated about one-third of registered voters cast ballots early, enduring lines of two to six hours.

No one on the left wants to answer my question, because it undermines the very foundation of their ideology. Very few on the right are willing to give a straight answer either, because they are afraid of being branded a racist by the left.

Many of these Somali immigrants were brought here by the state department. Could it be because someone wanted to increase the number of Democrat voters in the USA?

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