Friday, February 12, 2010

Useful Celebrity Idiots

This is too funny. Over the last fifty years we have heard various members of the Beautiful People praise the Castros and the prison island they run in the Caribbean. Now we learn that many of them have been under both audio and video surveillance while they visited their marxist hero.

“I’m very nervous!” twittered super-model Naomi Campbell during a press conference held in Havana’s Hotel Nacional in 1998. “I just spent an hour and a half talking with your president, Fidel Castro! But he told me there was nothing to be afraid of because he already knew a lot about us (Campbell and her travel-chum, Kate Moss) from reading the press!”
Castro undoubtedly knew plenty about Mss’ Campbell and Moss–but probably not from reading Vogue, Elle or Cosmo.

“My job was to bug their hotel rooms,” disclosed high-ranking Cuban intelligence defector Delfin Fernandez, “with both cameras and listening devices.
“When word came down that models Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss were coming to Cuba the order was a routine one: 24-hour-a-day vigilance. Then we got a PRIORITY alert, recalls Fernandez, “because there was a rumor that they would be sharing a room with Leonardo DiCaprio. The rumor set off a flurry of activity and we set up the most sophisticated devices we had.”
“Delfin Fernandez has not only met some of the most famous men in the world,” says a story in the London Daily Mirror about the Cuban intelligence defector, “he’s also spied on them and been witness to some of their most innermost secrets.”
“Fidel Castro is a source of inspiration for me!” gushed Campbell while concluding her “press conference.”It is a great pleasure to be in Cuba. I’ve really enjoyed myself, and I plan to come back!”

And guess what, Naomi and Kate? Fidel has been enjoying watching these private performances of yours.

“Fidel Castro is a special connoisseur of these tapings and videos,” says Fernandez, “especially of the really famous.” And not even his closest “friends” are safe from this bugging. The best example is his longtime Castro “friend” Nobel Prize novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez. In what appeared as a touching act of generosity and friendship, Castro gave his friend “Gabo” his very own (stolen) mansion in Havana.
“We had remodeled it right before,” recalls Fernandez, “and we installed more cables for bugging devices than for the normal electrical appliances. We taped everything. Fidel doesn’t trust anyone.”

Castro’s top intelligence people would gather for the screenings of these tapes almost like Hollywood types for an upcoming movie, reports Fernandez. “Hummmm, these scenes are more scandalous than anything in any of her movies!” Fernandez recalls a top intelligence officer chortling while watching the nighttime cavortings of a famous Spanish actress. “Now, it really seems to me, compañeros,” the Castro intimate snickered as he looked around the room, “that this señorita should be making more respectful comments about our regime, right?”

This is karma at its best. These idiots, including Jack Nicholson, Chevy Chase, Oliver Stone, Harry Belafonte, Kevin Costner, Steven Spielberg, and many others have always had access to information about the atrocities of the Castro regime. Yet they decided to go over there and give the scum their moral support. They might as well have been praising Timothy McVeigh or Charles Manson.

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