Monday, February 08, 2010

Terrorist Supporter Posts on Provocateur

Our recent post about IRA terrorist Slab Murphy drew the following response:
Slab Murphy is not a dirtbag. He had the name "slab" when ye was young because he was a large fellow. Also, the IRA in South Armagh (where Slab lives) has been defending Ireland from British soldiers who are not wanted there by he local populace.

The British military has praised the courage and audacity of the IRA's South Armagh Brigade. Just read "Bandit Country" or any other authentic books on the area.

The British "soldiers" have killed many more civilians in Ireland than the so-called Irish "terrorists."

The IRA has not been saintly, but the British military has been even less so.
This is a typical red herring response of IRA terrorist supporters concerning the role of the British military in Northern Ireland. The problem the IRA have is with their fellow citizens of Northern Ireland who do not want to leave the UK and join the Republic of Ireland. These people, known as Ulstermen or Ulster Scots have been in Northern Ireland just as long or longer than the catholic Irish.

I asked an Ulster Scot friend of mine who lived in Northern Ireland throughout the Troubles and who escaped two assassination attempts to respond to this pro-IRA brainfart:
The Sutton Index of Deaths from the conflict in Ireland states British Army killed 297 people and the IRA 1709 people.

Some people may not want the British Army but many people don't want the IRA,Catholics included.

The IRA have killed as many of their own people as loyalist groupings have.

Most people in the Republic of Ireland don't want Northern Ireland either as shown by Sinn Fein losing votes there.
Ulster Scots wha hae!

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