Saturday, January 16, 2010

US Immigration for Haitian Earthquake Victims?

Robert Kirchhoefer raises an important issue concerning Haitian refuges from the recent earthquake:

Immigration from and deportation to Haiti has been a hot-button issue for decades. It's about to get white hot.
The crisis in Haiti is now an urgent matter of establishing life-sustaining resources, law and order, and search and rescue efforts. As horrific as the current crisis is, the next phase will be equally complex but arguably more controversial for United States policymakers. How will the United States -- a country that had monumental border issues waiting in the winds before the Haiti earthquake -- address the issue of, potentially, hundreds of thousands of Haitian refugees?
As reported by the
Washington Times, this question is going to be an aftershock of political discourse:
Americans are already pouring humanitarian aid into Haiti, but the next question for President Obama will be whether to grant temporary legal residence to tens of thousands of illegal immigrants and legal visitors from Haiti.

I would be all in favor of welcoming many of the law-abiding Haitians into the USA, if it weren't for one thing: The racist, so-called 'affirmative action' programs favored by 0bama and many of the Democrats. These programs will give the new immigrants preference over many current US citizens for university admissions, hiring, promotion, and government contracts. Lower-class whites will be pushed to the end of a longer and longer line.

And furthermore, if the USA is such a horrible place for minorities, then why do so many blacks and hispanics from other countries seek to come here? Many of them go to great effort to live in the USA.

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