Friday, September 18, 2009

Time for a Top 20 Ugliest List?
When I get done with the top twenty most beautiful, perhaps I will start up a top 20 ugliest. One woman who has gone to great effort to become the Ugly Queen of Hags, both inside and out, is Madeleine Albright, former secretary of state in the Clinton administration. Get a load of what she said at a recent talk in Russia:

Madeleine Albright said during the meeting that America no longer had the intention of being the first nation of the world.

Oddlly enough Madeleine, thats exactly what he have been saying about the intentions and goals of you dirtbags on the left for years. But you will only admit something like this when you are kissing ass over in Russia. You scum don't want freedom, you don't want free enterprise, you don't want democracy. That's why you have been insisting that the USA drop its market capitalism and stop trying to stand in the way of foreign tyrants who want to enslave people.

The former US Secretary of State surprised the audience with her speech. She particularly said that democracy was not the perfect system. “It can be contradictory, corrupt and may have security problems,” Albright said.
America has been having hard times recently, Albright said.

Yes Madeleine, democracy has caused problems for the agenda that people like you and 0bama want to carry out. Most people don't want a stupid cap-and-trade scheme to combat a nonexistent global warming problem. Most people are fine with their health care and don't want it replaced with the medical equivalent of the post office. Most people don't want to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens who have caused massive crime, overburdened government services, and driven down the wages of unskilled labor.

And what's more Madeleine. We know quite well why you don't want democracy. Many of us have seen democracy in action this past summer when we tried to tell our elected representatives what we want and don't want. People like you don't even believe we have a right to our opinions.

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