Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Some more Thoughs Re: The Left

Jeff O'Bryant has an interesting essay on the left:

We can, of course, continue to try and get along with each other, but that is becoming increasingly difficult. The more the Left gets, the more it wants, and nothing will satisfy them until everyone pays 100 percent in taxes and government runs every-thing. No, the ultimate answer is for one side to defeat the other. Either we become a nation built upon the dark fantasy of liberalism and socialism or one that stands on the realities of conservatism and capitalism.

Very true. The left will never be satisfied with anything less than totalitarian control of all aspects of our lives.

This desire to destroy lives is especially apparent, however, when the Left feels threatened by “one of their own,” someone who is part of a minority they feel needs their special protection. Sarah Palin, who doesn't fit the mold of a feminist, was sued to the point of having her life completely disrupted. Since she respects life, loves her husband and believes in the institution of family, the Left had to try and destroy her. Here is a sterling example of a successful woman, and they only wanted to tear her down. Feminists don't care about women, it seems, only femi-nism.

Also very true. Remember when Bill Clinton was accused of sexual harassment on Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey, and also accused of raping Juanita Broadrick? The feminists on the left could care less if some particular woman gets sexually harassed or raped. They only want to use these issues selectively as a political weapon against those who oppose their agenda.

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