Monday, September 07, 2009

Sinn Fein/IRA Commander Gerry Adams to Star in Film about Fellow Butcher Che Guevara

Gerry Adams, leader of a marxist terrorist organization responsible for the deaths of thousands, will honor his fellow mass murderer Che Guevara in a movie called "Chevolution"

In his talking head role, Adams claims that Che’s iconic image fired Northern Ireland’s civil rights marches in 1968 with a revolutionary spirit before they exploded into the Troubles.

Yeah, Gerry. That 'revolutionary spirit' that Che infected you with led you to become a mass murderer of innocent people just like him. Only to your misfortune the Ulstermen decided to fight back.

He adds that it also fuelled the Paris student riots and Vietnam War protests in the US.

Once again correct. There were some people in the USA who didn't like the fact that we were trying to prevent a marxist takeover, with the inevitable mass murder, in Indochina. Had the IRA been successful in 'liberating' Ulster from the UK would we have seen consequences similar to what happened in Vietnam and Cambodia after 1975? I suspect so.

And while the film flashes up a montage of gable-end murals in Belfast emblazoned with Che’s face, Adams adds: “I suppose people from my background were drawn to that image, because of what Che Guevara represented.”

Yes, and what Guevara represented to you was the dream of an Northern Irish version of La Cabana, with nightly executions of Ulster Unionists.

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