Friday, August 28, 2009

Melissa Lafsky: Socialist Moonbat of the Week

We're spending a good part of this week hearing the left preach to us about how great Teddy Kennedy was. This essay by Melissa Lafsky takes the cake (italics mine):

Mary Jo wasn't a right-wing talking point or a negative campaign slogan. She was a dedicated civil rights activist and political talent with a bright future -- granted, whenever someone dies young, people sermonize about how he had a "bright future" ahead of him -- but she actually did. She wasn't afraid to defy convention (28 and unmarried, oh the horror!) or create her own career path based on her talents. She lived in Georgetown (where I grew up) and loved the Red Sox (we'll forgive her for that). Then she got in a car driven by a 36-year-old senator with an alcohol problem and a cauldron full of demons, and wound up a controversial footnote in a dynasty.

We don't know how much Kennedy was affected by her death, or what she'd have thought about arguably being a catalyst for the most successful Senate career in history. What we don't know, as always, could fill a Metrodome.

Still, ignorance doesn't preclude a right to wonder. So it doesn't automatically make someone (aka, me) a Limbaugh-loving, aerial-wolf-hunting NRA troll for asking what Mary Jo Kopechne would have had to say about Ted's death, and what she'd have thought of the life and career that are being (rightfully) heralded.

Who knows -- maybe she'd feel it was worth it.

Melissa, this is why my blog Provocateur exists. This is why I have no respect for you and your fellow losers on the left. This is why the majority of the people in the USA do not trust the federal government when they claim that nationalized health care will be an improvement.

This is why you and people like you are nothing but pure scum. For example, when Walter Duranty said "What are a few million dead Russians in a situation like this? Quite unimportant." For another example, all the people on the left who have praised the Argentine mass murderer Che Guevara and worn his likeness on everything from t-shirts to sneakers, while looking the other way at what that dirtbag did at La CabaƱa.

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