Monday, August 10, 2009

Leftist Political Bias at the New York Times

This is hardly a surprise. The New York Times fired Ben Stein as a columnist for trying to write a column critical of their god 0bama:

But the two main things, as I see them, were that I started criticizing Mr. Obama quite sharply over his policies and practices. I had tried to do this before over the firing of Rick Wagoner from the Chairmanship of GM. My column had questioned whether there was a legal basis for the firing by the government, what law allowed or authorized the federal government to fire the head of what was then a private company, and just where the Obama administration thought their limits were, if anywhere. This column was flat out nixed by my editors at the Times because in their opinion Mr. Obama inherently had such powers.

If I had to name just one characteristic to describe the left, it would be this: People who CANNOT STAND to hear opinions that disagree with their own.

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