Sunday, August 23, 2009

Martha's Vinyard Smitten by 0bama!

From the Cape Cod Times, we read how the denizen's of Martha's Vineyard, playground for the Beautiful People, were enthralled by 0bama in 2004:

EDGARTOWN — In a hot and crowded church hall in August 2004 — one month after he first introduced himself to the country — Barack Obama captured the heart of Martha's Vineyard.
Many in the audience hadn't learned yet how to pronounce his name when Obama, then a state senator from Illinois, addressed the crowd of hundreds gathered for a panel discussion on race at the Old Whaling Church in Edgartown.

But, fresh off his momentous address to the Democratic National Convention in Boston, which first propelled Obama to the national spotlight, they knew enough to honor his words and foresee his rise to stardom, said Charles Ogletree, a longtime friend and mentor to Obama and host of the panel discussion.
"From his first word, people were just riveted," Ogletree, a Harvard Law professor and civil rights attorney, recalled yesterday from his Vineyard Haven home. "They erupted. ... They were saying 'What an amazing man this is. Someday he'll be president.'
"Little did they know."

I am clearly not sufficiently intelligent and nuanced to be one of the Beautiful People. I was never riveted by their god's smug condescension and outdated socialist ideology.

But yes, 0bama is certainly amazing. He may be the most successful con man in the history of the USA.

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