Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thomas Sugrue: Leftist Moonbat of the Week

The left see a racist under every rock. It's the basis of their entire worldview and essential to the perpetuation of their perverse governmental policies. They can't argue with conservatives or libertarians over the basic principles of free enterprise and equal protection under the law. So they are always levelling false accusations of racism against those who disagree with them on any issue, whether the issue has anything to do with race or not.

Thomas Sugrue is a professor of history and sociology at the University of Pennsylvania, a very prestigious institution. He has written an Op-Ed in the New York Times, lamenting racial segregation and white flight in Detroit and its suburbs:
When white Detroiters could not win by fighting, they fled to the suburbs. Indeed, for a half-century beginning in the 1950s, Detroit lost nearly half of its population, almost all whites. Those who left the city cited various reasons: desire for a little green space, new housing, better schools, freedom from crime. Few of them acknowledged the racial motive behind white flight, that words like “freedom from crime” were code for moving away from blacks.

In other words, when a white person doesn't like it when someone sticks a gun in their face, steals their car, or breaks into their home, they must be racist towards blacks. Now get a load of what Sugrue says about blacks who move out of Detroit:

What, then, accounts for blacks’ move to the suburbs in the last decade? Like whites, blacks have long looked for alternatives to Detroit, with its high crime, poor services and scarce job opportunities.

Sugrue's complete lack of any logic whatsoever staggers the mind. So are those blacks who moved out of Detroit to get away from crime also racist against blacks? The absurdity and hypocrisy that the left will stoop to in order to press their agenda have no limits.

This shows how low higher education has sunk. Sugrue has a PhD from Harvard University and is a tenured, full professor at the University of Pennsylvania, one of the leading research institutions in the world. Yet the basis of his research is immature race-baiting, totally unsupported by the facts.

Update: Professor Sugrue has told us by email that he is honoured.

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