Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Sleazy Side of Open Borders Advocates

One of the tactics of open borders advocates that has really irked those of us who favor law and order has been the use of race-baiting methods. Even president Bush, senator McCain, and many other Republicans have stooped to the level of the left in order to promote amnesty for illegal aliens.

Ira Mehlman has an excellent article about this problem.

Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) explicitly compared U.S. enforcement of its immigration laws to the policies of Nazi Germany, and U.S. law enforcement to the Gestapo. Commenting on recent stepped-up raids by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency (a division of the Department of Homeland Security), Congressman Gutierrez asked rhetorically, “You know who is in charge now? The Gestapo agents at Homeland Security. They are in charge.”
Gutierrez, along with much of the pro-amnesty lobby, has been on a crusade to muzzle critics of illegal immigration. They routinely claim that any criticism of illegal immigration, any intimation that illegal aliens create problems or burdens for American society, stigmatizes all Hispanics in the United States (deliberately blurring the distinction between people of a certain ethnic group and immigration law-breakers) and, in their estimation, exacerbates social tensions if not outright hatred.
The Congressional Hispanic Caucus, of which Gutierrez is a prominent member, went so far as to urge media self-censorship on the issue of immigration. Earlier this year, 20 members of the caucus signed a letter to the top brass at Time-Warner, the parent company of CNN, urging them to silence some of their own journalists. (Their pleas were ignored.) Other pro-amnesty activist groups have orchestrated a campaign to have nearly all of the leading immigration enforcement spokespeople banned from the airwaves and the mainstream print media under the pretext that they use “code words” to promote hatred and intolerance.
While one would require a Rosetta stone to ferret out to the “codes” allegedly being transmitted by those supporting enforcement of U.S. immigration laws, comparisons between ICE and the Gestapo do not require anyone to read between the lines. The vile description of ICE – by a member of the U.S. House of Representatives – is clearly designed to evoke fear and hatred, delegitimize the immigration policies of the United States, and promote resistance to U.S. immigration enforcement officers.

A favorite tactic of the left. Anyone who disagrees with them on any issue must be a KKK, racist, sexist, homophobic member of the Waffen SS.

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