Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Richmond, Ky Mall Discriminates Against Beautiful Young Woman

In an outrageous act of discrimination, the security guards at a shopping mall booted a young woman off the premises for wear a dress she had previously purchased at the mall:

A Kentucky college student has hired a lawyer after she was escorted out of a mall by security on Sunday because her dress was deemed too short, MyFOXBoston reports.
Kymberly Clem, a 20-year-old student at Eastern Kentucky University, wore the dress Sunday after purchasing it from the mall in Richmond the previous day, the Richmond Register reported Tuesday. After just a few minutes inside of the mall, a security guard approached her and expressed concerns over the length of the garment.
According to MyFOXBoston, the guard informed her that several female patrons had complained that she was disrupting their shopping experience because their husbands were “checking her out.”

How ridiculous is this? If that dress is too short to wear at the mall, then it is too short to sell at the mall. I hope Kymberly sues the mall for everything they have.

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