Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gorelick 'Withdraws' From Duke University Defense

We have discussed previously on this blogue about how Duke university foolishly hired Jamie Gorelick, aka the 'Mistress of Disaster', to represent them in their defense against a lawsuit from the unindicted lacrosse team players. Now we learn that Gorelick has withdrawn from the case. Her reason:

Several motions filed on behalf of defendants Duke University and Duke University Health System Inc. have successfully narrowed the focus of the case to the point it makes sense for the two North Carolina firms that have been part of the defense team to assume control of the matter, says Wilmer public policy and strategy chair Jamie Gorelick.

That's BS if I've ever heard it. I suspect that Duke university has realized that having a serial fuckup like Jamie defending them won't help their chances in court.

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Ed said...

I agree. She is the Mistress of Disaster.