Monday, February 21, 2011

Jungle Jim Meets Taylor Momsen

Went to The Pretty Reckless concert in Oklahoma City last night. There were three opening bands, all of which were good, but I was eager to see TPR.

Taylor & Co. finally came onstage at 10:30 and tore the place apart. All of them are very talented musicians and Taylor electrified the audience with her powerful vocals and sexy, sultry stage presence. They played most of the songs on their Light Me Up album, closing with Make Me Wanna Die.

We got to go to the meet & greet after they were done with their set. Taylor stood behind a table between Mark Damon (bassist) and Jamie Perkins (drummer). Guitarist Ben Phillips wasn't at the table. He was walking around the club all night. When my turn came, I told Taylor I loved her voice. She responded "Thanks" in a crisp, hi-pitched voice that sounded totally different from the voice she uses when singing or talking on stage. One of the event staff took our picture with my phone and they signed my CD insert and ticket stub. Taylor thanked me for coming.

They played at a fairly small venue that night. I predict they will be playing arenas soon.

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Krouts Sprouts said...

pretty nic pics you got there! looks like a good time!!