Sunday, January 23, 2011

Disinformation on Immigration

Those who wish to give amnesty to illegal immigrants often use disingenious arguments or often outright lies to advance their position. An example of this comes from Micaela Saucedo, who advocates immigration 'reform' in the USA:

For Saucedo, head of Casa Refugio Elvira in Tijuana, a shelter for deported families, the upcoming march spotlights the absence of a legal entry system for Mexicans and Latin Americans and a lack of economic opportunity in those countries.

First of all Micaela, there is a legal entry system for Mexicans and other Latin Americans. Legal immigration from Mexico to the USA is averaging about 175,000 people per year. The would-be immigrants can wait their turn with other law-abiding people.

Why is there a lack of economic opportunity in Latin American countries? The reason can be summarized properly with one word: Socialism. For example, the PRI regime in Mexico nationalized all oil properties in Mexico in 1938. Their government-controlled economies, along with their lack of a consistent system of property rights and rule of law, have caused nothing but poverty and misery for generations of people.

And those of you here in the USA who want our government to control our economy (e.g. 0bamacare, Greenhouse Emissions, etc.) should take note. At least the Mexicans have the USA to run to. When 0bama and his worshippers turn the USA into a third-world hellhole, we won't have anywhere to run.

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