Monday, December 06, 2010

Branch Carbonians Junket to Cancun

Anyone ever notice these 'climate change' conferences are always in exotic locations like Cancun?

ENTERPRISE Minister Jim Mather has sparked fury by jetting off to a Mexican holiday resort on a climate change junket.

As Scotland is gripped by the worst snowfall in 45 years, Mr Mather flew out on Saturday to Cancun, where temperatures soared to a balmy 79F yesterday.

Flanked by two officials, he joined the UK’s 45-strong delegation at the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

The four-day trip is expected to cost more than £6,000 in business class flights alone. Mr Mather’s 10,000 mile round trip will create almost four tons of greenhouse gas.

If the climate alarmists were really serious about reducing CO2 emissions, they could have had a teleconference, instead of jetting around the world while they expect the little people to live like cavemen.

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Anonymous said...

Lets have a new system as politics sucks..
Power to the people!
End control of us.