Monday, November 08, 2010

Residents of Mumbai, India confined to homes for two days while 0bama visits

The leftists' god 0bama has always opposed freedom for most people. And while visiting India, he and his minions forced the residents of Mumbai to be locked in their houses for two days

During the two-day visit of the US president, while the lives of many reporters were on the fast track, the residents of south Mumbai were confined to their homes due to security arrangements. No wonder, they celebrated their ‘freedom’ after Barak Obama left the city
It may sound strange, but on Saturday and Sunday, lives of countless reporters as well as residents from south Mumbai were held 'hostage' by the establishment for making 'arrangements' for US president Barak Obama and Co. While our friends from the media were running from one place to another like there would be no news left for the next moment, the residents, particularly from Colaba (Mumbai's southern tip) were locked in their homes.

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