Sunday, September 12, 2010

Camille Paglia Brainfarts in Sunday Times

I am normally an admirer of Camille Paglia's intellect and insights. In this stupid Op-Ed she displays neither. In one of the stupidest comments I have ever heard in my life:

Most of her worshippers seem to have had little or no contact with such powerful performers as Tina Turner or Janis Joplin, with their huge personalities and deep wells of passion.

Yeah, Camille. Gaga's fans haven't had much contact with Turner or Joplin. Tina Turner is 70 years old. Her last single that charted was in 1992. Janis Joplin died in 1970. Even many of the parents of Gaga's fans are too young to remember Joplin.

How chickenshit can you get, Camille? You're an American writing about another American. Why do you have to go to a UK paper to do it?


Anonymous said...

Who is the moron here? Paglia cites two music legends who continue to influence the industry -- and with good reason -- that are available for download, purchase, YouTube, whatever. In this digital age, you can listen to music older than yourself. Holy fuckballs are you stupid.

And then you attack her for being "chickenshit"? She is going after the top pop star in the world today in a major cover story in the Sunday Times, and which is being linked to from Drudge. If you have ANY familiarity with Paglia, you'll know that she is a giant killer and utterly fearless.

I wouldn't normally respond (nor has anyone else bothered to) but it's morning and I'm bored and, well, it's just so fucking easy.


Jungle Jim said...

Apparently Camille thinks that young people are supposed to go looking for outdated music and compare it with the most talented musician to appear on the scene in decades. Why not compare Gaga with Kate Smith or Lena Horne? Both of those ladies are more talented than Joplin or Turner. And their music is available for download, purchase, YouTube, whatever. Camille thinks that just because Joplin and Turner contorted their faces while they sang, that made them better singers than Gaga.

Camille may be fearless, but she can't kill the Gaga. Gaga's monsters will continue to listen to her music, in spite of whatever crap this idiot tries to spew.