Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Who's a Coward, Eric?

We wrote previously about Attorney General Eric Holder's ridiculous accusation that Americans are cowards on matters of race. Now we hear from J. Christian Adams, who recently resigned from the Department of Justice over its handling of a voter intimidation case in Philadelphia during the 2008 presidential election

In emotional testimony, J. Christian Adams, until last week a member of the DoJ's Voting Section — he resigned in protest over the department's handling of the case — told a stunned hearing room why he felt the case had been dropped. In no uncertain terms, Adams noted that senior officials within the Obama Justice Department had told employees that they were not to bring voting-rights cases where the alleged victim in the case was white. In other words, white transgressor and black victim, bring it on. Black transgressor and white victim? Forget about it.

Many people were hopeful that the election of 0bama would help heal wounds from past racial conflict. It is clear that through his handling of the Black Panther case, as well as the nomination of the racist Sotomayor to the supreme court, that just the opposite is happening.

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