Friday, April 09, 2010

John Paul Stevens: Goodbye and Good Riddance
Gerald Ford was a halfway decent president. But one of his biggest mistakes was nominating John Paul Stevens to the Supreme Court back in 1975. Even though Stevens was selected by a Republican president, he has regularly voted with the most leftwing Democrat-nominated judges including Breyer and Ginsberg. Along with fellow traitor David Souter, he has assisted in some of the Supreme Court's most ridiculous decisions, including the Kelo v. New London case.
Stevens has also regularly voted in favor of the racist so-called 'affirmative action' programs. I wonder how he would have felt, when he applied to Northwestern Law School in 1945, if he had been denied admission in favor of a less-qualified applicant due to his skin color?
Stevens is almost 90 years old. He should have retired from the Supreme Court long ago. But notice how he and Souter waited until a Democrat was in the white house to retire. They wanted to make sure their politics of hate are continued.

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